Markus Ernsten

President of the Board, co-founder

Markus Ernsten is an accomplished executive coach, management consultant, and agile transformation strategist with a proven track record of success across all industries. Markus is the go-to person for leadership teams seeking expert personal and organizational change guidance. His results-driven approach focuses on delivering people-centered transformation for desired improvements. Markus is a powerful keynote speaker and author who shares his insights on the challenges of transformation and how to overcome them. He strongly believes developing self-leadership skills is critical to achieving personal and professional success. He also knows that investing in yourself is essential to improving your team's leadership and results in all areas of your life. With his vast expertise in implementing agile frameworks and methods such as Scrum™ and SAFe™, Markus has helped numerous companies achieve their goals faster than they ever thought possible. If you're ready to take your team to the next level, Markus is the expert who can get you there.

Markus speaks German, English and Dutch.

Adalbert Hospenthal

Board member, CEO, co-founder

Eidg. Dipl. Project Manager Adalbert Hospenthal is known as one of the early adopters of Agile Methodologies and Strategies for Software- and Solution development in Switzerland. Adi served as a management board member over many years at the Zuger Cantonal Bank, Zug and delivered high- performance and available solutions for core baking applications. Adi joined the Crewcraft – partnership after years of being successfully self-employed and having delivered major software programs to global finance institutes and the government of the State of Switzerland. Adalbert holds degrees in Project- & Program Management, Scrum- and Scaled Agile Strategies and Software-Engineering.

Adi speaks German, English, French and “Schwitzerdütsch”.

Rene van der Helm

Board member, CFO, co-founder

Dipl. Ing. Rene van der Helm joined our Crewcraft partnership form a very successful self-employment as freelancer in the field of shop-floor integration, MES-systems and Quality insurance within controlled production environments (GxP). Prior to his freelanceship Rene served for a long period as a Senior Management Consultant for Deloitte and some other Big-five consultancies. He holds various certificates and diplomas in the field of GxP, CSV and Software-Engineering. Rene is the expert in implementing “End-2-End” Business processes, -scenarios and flows in deeply structured manufacturing companies in Europe and the United States. His special field of competence is in “Aeronautic” and “shipyards”.

Rene speaks German, English and Dutch.

Vedran Batos

IT Advisor to the Board, co-founder

Dr. Sc. Vedran Batos (PhD) is the globally recognized expert with 30+ years of experience in the fields of Software Engineering and Information Technology, within the finance and banking sector and large corporations. He was working at institutions like Hitachi Inc., Euronet Worldwide Inc., and Vision Solutions Inc. As the business partner of IBM, Oracle and Microsoft he has developed wide scope of solutions for large enterprises based on brands and open source, implementing the latest technologies including bigdata, blockchain and AI/ML/DL, and conveyed lectures at the universities. He managed international banking software development projects including front-end, back-end, full-stack, special API solutions and technology transfer. Furthermore, he guides  corporations through their transition of legacy processes and IT environment to cloud-based and highly-secure-24/7 infrastructure around the globe. Amongst other projects Vedran facilitated business and technology transformations at large banking institutions in Central and Eastern Europe towards Agile at Scale.  He is certified SAFe SPC (by Scaled Agile Inc.), lifetime member of ACM USA (Association for Computing Machinery) and senior member of IEEE USA (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers).

Vedran speaks Croatian, English, and a bit of German.