Agile HR Explorer (JLS course)


Duration: 1 day.

Language: English.

Type: Online (Remote) or Onsite (Crewcraft AG location).


You can register online for this training. The pricing is in CHF, upon request we can charge in EUR based on daily exchange rate. It includes a training session, the course material, specific exam preparation, and test fees.

Single attendee, weekend trainings, or special requests:

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Agile HR Explorer (JLS course)

Certified Agile HR Explorer (AHRE) - by JLS

The course was created by one of the leading thought leaders in the world of Agile HR, Just Leading Solutions (JLS)©.

A profound shift is happening in the way enterprises approach people management. Human Resource departments are realizing that traditional HR practices don’t support Agile teams and the needs of today’s rapidly changing business environments. To bridge this gap, Agile HR Explorer provides learners with the guidance needed to align HR practices with the SAFe transformation and their Agile teams.

This one-day introductory course is designed for HR professionals and leaders in a Lean-Agile environment to gain a high‐level understanding of Agile methodology and its influence on Human Resources. In Agile HR Explorer, learners will explore the new world of work and learn why Agile is instrumental in creating more stable, responsive, and successful organizations.

Agile HR Explorer answers the questions:

  • How can I use design thinking to achieve customer centricity?
  • How do I prepare a product strategy, vision, and roadmap for my ART?
  • What are the right mindsets, skills, and tools to create successful products?

What’s included:

  • Course workbook
  • Option to pursue certification from Just Learning Solutions

Attendees learn:

  • New World of Work – explore the latest revolution of work and its disruptive impact on organizations and HR.
  • Agile Foundations – covers the history of Agile, its values, principles and underlying concepts
  • Intro to Agile HR – explains the meaning of Agile HR, and Agile4HR vs. HR4Agile
  • Mini Case Studies – practical stories to help learners apply the newly gained knowledge
  • Practices and Themes – guidance for applying agile values and principles to different HR practices


Certified Agile HR Explorer (AHRE) – certificate and digital badge from Just Leading Solutions.